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Hello world! I am here to give you another list of posts that will be coming soon to this wordpress. If you haven’t noticed yet, I have completed my review on Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Part 1, Soul Eater Part 4 (final) and Framing Hanley’s A Promise to Burn.

Next up is Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Part 2, Hetalia: Axis Powers Season 1, Gurren Lagann: Complete Series and Junsu/Yuchun/Jejung first album, The…

Then, I just found out that JYJ is coming out with a new album. An all ENGLISH ALBUM! Brought to you by Warners Music Group. The same group that keeps deleting my amvs! Anyways, I am also hearing that they are coming here to perform, so when more information is available about that. I am totally buying tickets and go wherever the concert will be at!!! I hope they come to Chicago. I hope!

For now, let me indulge you in their, either promotional pictures or the Album cover.

Do I need to say more?

You’re welcome =)

I am not to excited with the cover. I don’t know if Americans might perceive them as gay, because of the way they dressed. My friends even said their wardrobe is a little queer eye than the usual male fashion in the US, but they don’t understand that Asian fashion, males often wear this kind of style in magazines. Besides, I believe Junsu-san is wearing shimmering lip gloss in that picture. And if I didn’t know them, I would of mistaken Mickey as a very flat girl wearing a stylish poncho (just saying).

Oh wellz. Till Next Time

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Soul Eater DVD Box Set Review: Part the Fourth and Final!

Soul Eater Boxset 4 Cover

The final boxset of Soul Eater was released by FUNimation on July 27th, 2010. It concludes the remaining eleven episodes, 40-51 final.

The remaining episodes are an anime-style ending, very much like the first season of Fullmetal Alchemist.

In this boxset, our heroes finally face off the academy’s enemies, Arachnophobia, Medusa and last but not least, Kishin Asura. Like previous episodes, each meister and their weapons go on a separate mission to face off against their opponent. Each of them having personal conflicts within their own mission. Maka trying to understand the motives between the academy and Medusa, while thinking about her friend, Crona, who was locked away for betraying the DWMA. Black Star struggles with power and choosing the right path, while understanding the enchanted sword and the souls that lingering within Tsubaki. Round three of the Mifune vs. Black Star commences. And finally, Kid continues to find answers between his father’s motives (Lord Death) and his involvement with the Demon Tools.

Cover of Disc 1

Along with the main characters problems, the senior technicians also had problems of their own. One of the big ones was Stein’s struggle with his insanity and dealing with Medusa provoking him deeper into his weakness. Marie worrying about Stein and the new character Buttaki Joe struggle into finding Uncle Bob’s Rumba coffee. Of course, we cannot forget Lord Death’s struggle against finding Asura, so he and the others could eliminate him for good.

In this box set, special features include Episode 44 commentary with Monica Rial (Tsubaki), Collen Clinkenbeard (Marie) and Maxey Whitehead (Crona). Textless opening Resonance by T.M Revolution, textless ending Strength by Abingdon Boy School. Also, includes the final eleven Late Night Show Specials, featuring a side story of Excalibur. The boxset also includes the final collectible stickers, Professor Stein.

Cover of Disc 2

Like most Soul Eater fans out there, the last eleven episodes were not so great, especially for those who read the manga. Everyone was anticipating the awesome Baba Yaga arc, but that was altered. Along with those fans, I am one of them, who didn’t like the Anime original ending so much. However, putting the bad storyboard plot no jutsu aside, let us review the English Dub of the final episodes.

I am not going to be negative, but I have to say I liked the English Voice cast more than I did with the Japanese Cast. Why? I am not sure why, but I thought Laura Bailey (Maka) delivered more to the female lead than Omigawa Chiaki. I don’t know if it’s because of her experience in the acting business, since Omigawa is a new comer and this is her first and first major role in her acting career, but Bailey fit for the role as Maka more.

Back of Disc 1

Episode 40 was one of my least favorites in Soul Eater, however, the English dub was somewhat hilarious. Okawa Toru in the Japanese version did a great job, but I have to give this to Vic Mignogna. I don’t know, this episode never appeal to me before, until I watched it again in English. Luci Christian (Medusa) and John Swasey (Lord Death) were hilarious with the little funny bit they had in he middle of the episode. All three are big shot voice actors, just like the Japanese counter-part and its great hearing them with different tones in this episode. Serious, funny, and down right stupid.

Back of Disc 2 Cover

Everyone hate Brittney Karbowski. Again, I don’t hate her voicing my favorite character, but I have to give her props for this boxset. I believe the episode 46, 47, 49 and 50 were her best. She captured the essence of Black Star. So much energy, but doesn’t over do it in the serious parts. She really brought it and showed us why they casted her as this passionate character. Though, in my opinion, I am too much of a Yumiko Kobayashi fan to give this to Karbowski. But, nonetheless, Karbowski did an amazing job.

Inside cover of Disc 1

As the rest of the cast, they did okay and you’re probably waiting for the Todd Haberkorn praise.

In the previous reviews, I really complimented on Todd’s performance as Death the Kid and I am going to be doing the same in this one. However, for some reason, I wasn’t too surprised in this boxset as I was with Mamoru in the last remaining episodes. I don’t know if it’s the bad anime storyline, but I felt as if Death the Kid was out of character. Though, when we really look at it, he wasn’t. I’m not sure, but I believed the other actors out shined my two favorite voice actors.

Overall, if you don’t like the final eleven,original anime storyline, then don’t get it. However, if you did buy the previous three boxsets, then buy this one to complete your collection. I don’t know if FUNimation is going to release a complete series boxset, but if they do and you haven’t bought the previous boxsets, buy it and tell me. I want to know the bonus special features and add-ins FUNi might have added. Apart from that it’s a great buy for any Soul Eater fan.

Unfortunately, there is one thing that really made me angry and almost write

Bonus Sticker of Professor Stein

a very negative review was the lack of Textless Opening Papermoon by Tommy Heavenly 6. I was hoping they would have it, but it turned out it didn’t. I don’t know if it’s a copyright thing, but the Japanese Boxset had it and I don’t know why FUNimation couldn’t include it in this boxset. I thought that was disappointing. Sorry for ending the review on a sour note, but I thought that it had to be addressed.

In a good note, this is the final boxset for Soul Eater and hopefully we might have a new season or series bringing Soul Eater back in anime form. Just like Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Let’s hope and support Soul Eater until Ohkubo decides to conclude the story in the manga.

Please support by PURCHASING Soul Eater related products!

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Framing Hanley: A Promise to Burn Review

Autographed Album of 'A Promise to Burn' signed by all members of the Band

In May 25th, 2010, Tennessee rock band, Framing Hanley, released their second album, A Promise to Burn.

It’s been three years since they came out with their first album, The Moment, later was re-released in 2008 including a bonus cover track of, Lollipop, originally performed by Lil’ Wayne. That cover song was what brought Framing Hanley into the international spotlight and soon were acknowledged by the other songs on the album, like Hear Me Now and Built for Sin.

Their new album was indeed another hit, gaining new fans with their unique new sound. It may appear to be different from their previous album, but they still have the essence of what Framing Hanley had in the previous album. Songs like You Stupid Girl and Photographs and Gasoline has a little of The Moment that most of their fans really love.

A part from having similarities to their previous album, they had some differences that gained new fans, and probably lost a few. They add a few techno-style sounds to some of their songs and have a little more of a retro-alternative rock style going, different from their previous album, which was incredibly raw and refreshing with the new transition of what rock and alternative had become in previous years.

They made a music video, You Stupid Girl, directed by Mason Dixon, who also directed their two previous music videos. It had a long beginning like their Lollipop music video, but the editing and the tone of the video really brought out the song. However, with my own personal opinion, I believed the music video would be better off with just having the band, instead of having a little side story along with it. It was a clever story, I have to admit, but I believe having more of the band would have been better.

Overall, I really liked their new album as much as I liked their first one. Though, I liked their first one more, because of the true and raw rock sound they had. It was really refreshing to hear with all this revolving sound in this particular genre. And the focus on the reason why The Moment was so great was the dedication to their late friend, Ashley Hanley (who died a year before the album release). Having the band renamed after her and her dedication to the band. I felt that emotion in that album and for the new one didn’t have so much of it, but I am glad they didn’t stick to it. It felt like they are moving on, but they would always have her in their hearts on stage, on the road and etc.

I hope you guys buy their new album and if you haven’t yet, please listen to their first album on iTunes.

iTunes LP edition of A Promise to Burn has two bonus track Can Always Quit Tomorrow and Pretty Faces.

Framing Hanley are currently touring in the United Kingdom and you can follow them on Twitter @FramingHanley

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Full Metal Alchemist:Brotherhood Boxset Part the First

FMAB Boxset Part One Cover

On May 25th, 2010, FUNimation released one of their most popular and anticipated anime, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

It’s the new and improved series that was adapted into an anime before its official release in 2009. This is the second time Japanese Studio BONES is animating this series, but this time, it is sticking to the manga. The previous season that had a set fifty-one episodes, had some important manga elements, but it had its own little anime twist, straying from the manga a bit. Brotherhood is the new season, where BONES is starting from scratch.

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood is based on the hit Manga by Arakawa Hiromu. The chapters are released monthly in Square Enix’s Shounen GanGan Manga Magazine, along with Soul Eater. It’s popularity arose from Japan and overseas as its unique characters, storyline and art design won awards and people’s hearts. The final chapter of Full Metal Alchemist was published on June 12th, in GanGan’s July Issue with a total of 107 (including the cover feature) pages. The final episode also aired the following week in Japan.

Cover of Disc 1

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood centers around the Elric Brothers, Edward and Alphonse Elric, as they search for the legendary Philosopher Stone. To restore their bodies, which they lost while conducting Human Transmutation to revive their dead mother. Both brothers are skilled Alchemist and Edward had claim the title as a State Alchemist. He is known as the Full Metal Alchemist. Along with the brothers, other characters help them in search of the precious stone. The witty Roy “The Flame Alchemist” Mustang and his group, along with the comedic fatherly Maes Hughs and overzealous Alex Louis Armstrong are back in this series as well. The villians have also returned as the Homunculi and Scar are back with their own little something to go against Full Metal’s plans.

In this series, the anime follows the manga respectivily, where as the previous series had small bits and pieces from the manga. The first thirteen episodes maybe familiar to the old fans of the series and refreshing for those who read the manga, but it’s not so confusing to those who haven’t followed the series back in 2004. Though, many fans believed this boxset, the episodes were rushed and some important or comedic parts of the manga was simply ignored in te first set of episodes. However, for those who haven’t watched the previous series believed that it flowed nicely, not dragging out parts.

Previous fans would recognize the important events, like the Flashback of the brothers transmuting their mother and losing thier bodies. Edward’s trip through the portal and losing his leg and an arm to bring back Alphonse and transmuting his soul in a suit of armor. From his automail experience, to  the state alchemist exam, and finally the part where they started out the first series, the battle in Lior against the phony high preist. It may be boring to the old fans of the series, but with the new art design, animation and the enriching storyline, its hard to get bored with it.

Inside of Disc 1 cover

The voice talent for both the Japanese Seiyuu and the English Voice Actors are as exceptional as they were in the previous series. Many of the voice talent have reprised their roles respectively, however, they were a few who couldn’t reprised their roles and have other actors replace them.

In the Japanese verison, both Mustang and Hawkeye’s seiyuu could not reprised their roles and were replaced by Shinichiro Miki (Urahara Kisuke from Bleach) and Orikasa Fumiko (Rukia Kuchiki from Bleach). Winry Rockbell’s seiyuu also couldn’t reprise her role and was replaced by Takamoto Megumi. Many other seiyuu couldn’t return for this series, but many of them that were replaced by well-known actors, good at what they do. Some have similarities with their previous seiyuu before them.

In English, one of the big roles that was impossible to reprise was the one of the protagonists, Alphonse Elric. In the first series, the boy in the suit of armor was voiced by Aaron Dismuke. At the time, he was only twelve years old when he voiced Al Elric. Due to his voice maturing over the years, he coul not return for his role as one of the Elric Brothers. Instead, Maxey Whitehead (Crona from Soul Eater), replaced Aaron Dismuke. Extraordinary choice for the Elric Brother. Whitehead’s voice is very similar to that of Aaron as a child. It was stated in Anime Central that Aaron Dismuke will be providing the voice for Van Hohenheim in his younger years.

Scar is another characterthat the previous voice actor could not reprise. J. Michael Tatum is the new scar and so far has done a fantastic job in his role. Few others were replaced as well, but most of the cast from the preivous cast has returned for Brotherhood.

Cover of Disc 2

Special Features included in the Part One are Episode One Commentary with Travis Willingham (Roy Mustang), Collen Clinkenbeard (Riza Hawkeye and Rose), and Maxey Whitehead (Alphonse Elric). Episode 10 Commentary with Caitlin Glass (ADR Director and Winry Rockbell), Sonny Strait (Maes Hughs) and Gwendolyn Lau (Sheska). Textless opening of Again by YUI and textless ending of Uso by Sid. Along with the boxset, four collective postcards are included with the dvds.

Inside Disc 2 Cover

Okay, now for my review. I really don’t have any negative thoughts about this box set. First off, the boxset itself is pretty cool. The cover art with Edward Elric was simply done, but with the scanner the awesome hologram design was ruined by my poor scanning skills. The art inside as well was amazingly done, totally capturing the new art and animation design.

As for the new voice talent in both Japanese and English, most of them was hard getting use to, but I didn’t have a problem with the new voices. I was never into the Japanese version before this series, though I was a fan of the English version first. I never notice the new roles in Japanese until I looked it up on the web. comparing them to the original actors and the new one, I really could tell between Mustang and Hawkeye’s previous actor and new seiyuu. In English, having Maxey Whitehead replace Aaron Dismuke must be hard, not only for Whitehead, but for the casting director. The fans were afraid that Whitehead couldn’t live up to what Aaron had established, but she sure did when the first episode aired on Adult Swim on February 13, 2010. I would like to give a round of applause for Maxey Whitehead. In addition to al, Scar’s voice actor was replaced by J. Michael Tatum, who voiced Scar in the past in the OVAs. At first, I didn’t like his voice, but after a few minutes into the episode when he had some heavy dialogue, I got use to it and believed he is doing a fantastic job.

Collective Postcard 1

As for the episodes go, the animation was superb and the flow of the episodes flowed in some parts, but had a few bumps here and there. Being the fan of the first series, the comedic atmosphere was overused in this series than its predecessor. The comedy in the first series was spread out with Armstrong, Mustang, Hughes and etc. In Brotherhood, the short joke with Edward Elric was really overdone and simply got old after a few times saying it. Apart from that,many fans believed that the first thirteen episodes were rushed, especially with the flashback scenes or episodes. A good example was the second episode, where they recap on how the Elric Brother’s lost their bodies and how Ed became a State Alchemist.

Collective Postcard 2

However, the tone of the show was not left out in this series. It was enhanced by the new and improved animation and the stay-true-to-the-manga storyline. It really brought out what Fullmetal Alchemist is and delivering the same amount of awesome as its storyline. Studio BONES didn’t hold back as this beloved series was one of the biggest shows they could have animated.

For the new fans who didn’t watch the previous series, wasn’t left out. My sister was one of the fans who didn’t watch the first series, love Brotherhood. She was drawn by the rich character design, storyline and many more awesome stuff that FMA could offer. Even she missed out on some of the comedic and serious events in the anime-only style ending, she still loved the essence of the show. The true nature of the show. Newcomers of the series would simply love it as it may be different from any anime out there.

Collectible Postcard 3

Overall, this is a great buy for any Fullmetal Alchemist fan. The manga is great and this one deserves to be loved by the fans from the beginning, to those who started watching. With the special features and the prominent voice talent, it is a must buy for all fans of all ages. This anime has everything an anime should have, but without going overboard. Hint of love, heartbreak, bittersweet and many more things that make the perfect anime.

To some, it may not appear to be the perfect anime, but it is one close to perfect if anything. Since this is only part 1, we have to wait till part 2 to come out with a new storyline and characters that were not included in the first series.

Please look forward to my review on Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Part 2.

Collectible Postcard 4

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood part 1 available now where anime is sold.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood part 2 available now where anime is sold and my review is coming soon.

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Hetalia: Axis Powers! Coming Soon!

I am getting the box set, no doubt! As much as I want to buy it on the release day, or pre-order it, I can’t because the Halo: Reach Bundle ($399.99) is also due to be released on the same day and I decided to buy that instead. I believe Hetalia could wait, than the Limited Edition Bundle.

Most of you know (by my previous post), I am vacationing in the Philippines for two weeks. Well, I’ll be heading back this weekend. Anyways, I am not having fun at the moment. It might sound like an asshole thing to say, considering that we’re visiting my grandma and all. Its just I can’t stand my annoying cousins on my Mom’s side (one of them has a crush on my sister and myself). And also I wasn’t in a traveling mood at all.

I wasn’t in a good mood until I came across this video clip as I was watching Hetalia on FUNimation’s YouTube Channel.

It’s the trailer for the second season and I can’t wait for its release! Expect an review for that box set when it’s released on October 12th!

Anyways, the song and the video edit, it totally got me in a traveling mood. I was so eager to go wherever my dad took us (as long as my mom’s side stays away from me and my computer).

Thank you, Hetalia. For cheering me up. ^^

Coming Soon! Soul Eater, Full Metal Alchemist and Many More!

The girls of Soul Eater enjoying the beach

I am currently on vacation in the Philippines and I am in the process of finding a scanner for my Soul Eater Box Set Part Four. Which I brought with me along with the first three box sets.

I do have the scans for Full Metal Alchemist and will upload those soon when I have time. I’m sorry for the delay on that one. That was released in May and the second box set is coming out…well, in two weeks.

I also have scans for Framing Hanley’s Album, A Promise to Burn, and David Choi’s By My Side. I will upload that along with my short review.

I’m not being graded anymore for this blog, but I will try my best to keep it formal. A little formality won’t hurt anybody, right?

Oh and I might start reviewing and recapping shounen chapters for Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail and Finally, Soul Eater. Then again, that would be left to my LiveJournal, if anything.

Anyways, It’s late here and I am the only one up. I guess I’m not use to the time difference yet.

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Soul Eater DVD Box Set Review: Part the Third

Soul Eater Boxset Three

(See previous posts for reviews on Part 1 &2)

Time for the third Soul Eater English Box Set Review! I got my copy a week before it’s release (which is tomorrow, June 1, 2010) and I decided to share with you my opinion about the third installment of this kick ass series.

Continuing from the second box set, Part three is beginning of a new story and a new set of problems for the DWMA (Death Weapon Meister Academy).

Other than finding the Kishin Asura, they have problems with a new awaken witch, Arachne, who is the founder and leader of the malevolent organization, Arachnophobia.  And the return of the sneaky witch Medusa. Old rivals made their return, like Mifune the Samurai. Also, the seven characters of the group have to team up in a Resonance Link in order to beat the opponents that head their way. However, a few members of the team are not cooperating, thus causing more problems within their small circle.

Cover of Disc 1

Along with new opponents and obstacles, secrets about the Academy and the Grim Reaper slowly take light, having a few characters try to reveal the truth about the academy and the mysteries Lord Death.

Death the Kid and his partners, Liz and Patti Thompson, try to solve the mystery of his father’s past. Finding out who Eibon really is and the connection the Weapon Mage has with his father. Whether it is by researching through the academy library or snooping around and asking academy staff and meister about it, he will stop at nothing to finding an answer.

As Kid continues to investigate, he soon looses his trust in his father, who doesn’t answer his questions.

Cover of Disc 2

In the previous box set, Crona has joined the DWMA and has become friends with Maka and the rest of the characters, despite the previous actions Crona has made in the past. He adjusts to his new life, along with his partner Ragnorak, and becomes really good friends with Maka Albarn.

Though, Crona’s happiness was soon cut short as the resurrected witch and his mother, Medusa, asked her to continue to spy for her and try to sabotage the DWMA from the inside. Where she lurks in the restricted section of the academy. Also, planting a listening device in Marie, by pouring one of Medusa’s snakes in her tea. There, when Marie resonates with Stein, the insanity within him increases, immobilizing Stein.

Torn between Crona’s friendship with Maka and his mother’s wishes, he continues to struggle between what’s right and wrong and realizes that he doesn’t want to hurt Maka or the others if she stayed in Death City. He runs away from his new home and life. Soon, Maka went after Crona and confront him. Where he confesses to Maka the things he had done.

Liz & Patti Bonus Sticker

Lastly, Black Star was having hard time mastering the Enchanted Sword. The more he uses Tsubaki’s new form, the more she eats away at his soul. Black Star encounters an old opponent, Mifune. With a disappointed loss and a few words of advice from the sword master, Black Star confronts the other being within Tsubaki. Like the previous welders before him, he also has darkness in his soul and a soul of a demon. Later on in the box set, his father, White Star, was also a demon.

After that, Black Star and the other meisters battle it out for a demonic tool, Brew/Tempest on Lost Island. Though, his side won the battle, they lost because they did not complete the mission of inquiring the demon tool. Thus, he failed.

The inside cover of Disc One

Black Star’s attitude changed and he soon engages in fights with his peers. One in particular was Death the Kid, since he is the son of Lord Death and a Grim Reaper, Black Star wants to beat him and finally surpassed god. That’s if he could beat him.

By damaging the school, he pisses off Kid and makes him fight Black Star in a duel. Black Star wants Kid to fight him at full strength, however, Kid refuses to hurt him intentionally in a petty duel. As the fight continues, Kid finally gave what Black Star wanted. Soon, Kid knocked some sense back into Black Star.

Inside Cover of Disc 2

The box set includes an episode 30 commentary featuring Todd Haberkorn as Death the Kid, Jamie Marchi as Liz Thompson and Cherami Leigh as Patti Thompson. Textless Intro/Outro and finally the Late Nigh Show for episodes 27-39.

The voice talent in these episodes are good, but not as good as the previous box set. Maka, Crona, Thompson sisters, Tsubaki, Soul and Kid haven’t change in my opinion. What about Black Star? Brittney is doing a great job. However, I do have a few problems that I will address later on.

Disc One Back Cover

First off, Arachne’s voice in the English Dub needs getting use to. I don’t have a problem with her voice, it’s just that if you are used to watching the Japanese Dub, it’ll be hard to listen to her low, sexy voice. I eventually got use to her voice after watching the box set a second time. For others, especially those who love the Japanese Dub, I warn you and brace yourself for Arachne. It isn’t bad. Keep your mind open as you watch through the box set.

Brittney Karbowski performance as Black Star had many mix reviews from fans. In Black Star’s debut episode, his voice was too feminine, shadowing the great acting Karbowski had established.  Later on, Black Star’s voice became lower and soon Karbowski’s acting matched this overzealous character pretty well. I was iffy at first with Brittney, but I soon learned to love her as Black Star. In the previous box set, she did a wonderful job and there was no mistake with this box set. Except for episode 38 titled Asura’s Temptation-The Big Man’s Uncontrollable Irritation?.

Disc Two Back Cover

I hate to compare the two actresses that voice the Demon Tool Assassin, but in this case I have to. Kobayashi is the Japanese Seiyuu for Black Star and she is the only cast member from the Drama CDs casted into the anime. Her performance in episode 38 was flawless by showcasing so much emotion. The struggles Black Star has with himself, as he tries to figure out what is right and wrong. Why was he defeated so easily? Kobayashi brought that in this episode.

Now for Karbowski’s critic on this episode. I didn’t feel that she gave it her all. She sounded as if she was simply reading the lines of any Black Star moment. This particular episode is different from most Black Star Episodes as this is Black Star’s moment of finally growing up and accepting defeat. By doing so, he needs to find a way of getting stronger again. Personally, I didn’t believe Karbowski gave it her all. I knew she had more in her for this episode and I hope in the next box set, she’ll redeem herself again.

Other additional notes I would like to point out is the special features. The new opening appears in episode 31 in the first disc, however, they never included the textless opening for the second intro in the special features.

Also, the use of ‘Demon Hunter’ for Maka’s new move was drop as it was replace with ‘Genie Hunter.’ This bothered me a bit, but it’s not a big deal.

A Tip: Watch with an open mind. Many of you didn’t like it when the anime strayed off from the manga and many of you don’t even like the English dub. If you watch with an open mind, you will enjoy this box set as much as the previous two.

The final Soul Eater Box Set will be released July 27, 2010 by FUNimation

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